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Hot Tubs & Spas



Today the words hot tubs or spas are used to describe any one of a number of jetted, heated, water-filled tubs. Jacuzzi is actually a trademarked brand name of a line of "whirlpool baths" and spas. Most spas are made from either molded fiberglass or acrylic. "Hot tubs" are usually made from wood, often with a liner set inside, but without the molded contoured seating fiberglass or acrylic spas offer.

Royal Pools & Spas offer several different packages from plug and play to a full set up of your chosen spa, as well as an extensive line of hot tubs and spas accessories. As with all purchases of hot tubs and spas, Royal Pools & Spas quality service is included in the price.

Landscape Your Hot Tubs & Spas Location

Many folks create a special setting for their hot tub and spa to further enhance the experience or to tie in the hot tub and spa with the exterior of the house and the rest of the property. Unless your home is located in a remote or secluded area, many people will build a fence or privacy guard, or plant tropical plants, trees, and bushes to create some privacy. With the addition of a patio table and chairs and a spot for the barbeque, hot tubs and spas that are located on a deck can become the center for memorable parties and get-to-gathers, becoming the favorite place to just hang out.

Royal Pools and Spas have knowledgeable and professional pool specialists whose total focus is the satisfaction of our customers. We use our own people for every detail of all our customers's pool installations.


Hot Tubs & Spas Provide the Perfect Addition to Your Backyard

Having a hot tub and spa environment that provides hours of entertainment and relaxation for family and friends is a goal for many folks whether your home is located on the shoreline of an ocean or lake, on the side of a mountain, in the woodlands of the east coast, in the red rock landscape of southern Utah or Arizona, or in your landscaped suburban backyard. Just about everyone has great memories of relaxing around a spa or hot tub with friends at a party or just unwinding after long day of skiing, or hiking. Whether you want a welcoming gathering place for your family and friends at home or simply looking to unwind after a hectic day at work, a hot tubs and spas environment can provide the perfect addition to your backyard.  Just imagine the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of warm, jetted water relaxing tired and aching muscles, improving mobility and range of motion, assisting respiration and increase blood circulation just steps away in your backyard hot tub and spa environment. Just pull back the hot tub and spa cover and you are ready to go. Total bliss!

The Best Hot Tubs & Spas Brands

Royal Pools and Spas carry only the best spa brands on the market, including:

Sundance Spas



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The hot tubs and spas company, Sundance Spas, established in 1979, is recognized internationally with more awards and honors than any other spa company. Sundance Spas was the first manufacturer of hot tubs to receive an ISO 9001 certification. They are committed to using environmentally safe equipment and practices. Sundance Spas produces a full line of affordable hot tubs that will fit your lifestyle and budget.

Jacuzzi produces a full line of affordable spas and hot tubs. With so many Jacuzzi models to choose from, you will find the perfect Jacuzzi hot tub to fit needs. Design, Quality, and Performance. From the perfect placement of PowerPro Jets to the optimal positioning of the body in ergonomic seats, a Jacuzzi Hot Tub Delivers the ultimate hydrotherapy massage.

Artesian Spas  offers two different  hot tubs spas brands: South Sea Spas and Garden Spas.

South Seas Spas are well known by the most discriminating buyers who choose the South Seas spas & hot tubs brand because of its aesthetic appeal and attractive features not found in other spas. Whether you choose the Deluxe or Standard spa, you'll experience the mental and physical benefits of hydrotherapy as it washes away the stress of everyday living.

Garden Spas are designed and manufactured to fulfill the quality standards of discriminating consumers who require efficiency, quality, and aesthetic appeal. Garden Spas are small hot tubs and spas that are designed especially for use in smaller homes and tight spaces, both indoors and outdoors with seating capacity for 1-4 people.

Hot Tubs, Spas Safety Issues

Owning hot tubs and spas requires being responsible for ensuring a safe, clean, and sanitary conditions. You can purchase the necessary hot tubs and spas chemical supplies at our Royal Pools Spas stores in New York. Sanitizing chemicals include bromine, probably the main hot tubs and spas sanitizer because it remains stable at higher water temperatures and helps keep the hot tub / spa free of organic contaminants like bacteria or algae. Other hot tubs and spas chemicals are designed to reduce or prevent scale buildup and to control metals that enter the water.

For folks who do not want to use harsh chemicals in their hot tubs and spas, Royal Pools Spas offers bromine and chlorine free products as well. Treating the water with hot tubs and spas chemicals will vary depending on the size of the hot tub and how often it is used. Speak with a Royal Pools and Spas specialist to see if these bromine and chlorine free products are right for your hot tub / spa. Our sanitizing products are easy to use, so you can spend less time maintaining your hot tub and spa and spend more time relaxing and enjoying it.


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