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Pool Tables | Billiard Tables


Royal Pools & Spas now has Pool Tables | Billiard Tables! Bumper Tables, Ping Pong, Foosball & Air Hockey Too!

American Heritage Billiards products are crafted by the world’s finest woodworking artisans and come with a lifetime warranty and more than 80 models, styles, finishes, and sizes of billiard / pool tables to choose from; such as Artero, Avon, Camden, Eclipse and Omega models. Whether you call them pool tables or billiard tables, we have styles to match any decor from contemporary to transitional, or traditional.

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Pool Tables | Billiard Tables Features and Benefits

  • Slate:
    1" thick, cut and leveled into smooth flat sheets to make for a quieter playing surface. The Billiard Congress of America (BCA) recognizes 1" slate as the most accurate slate available.
  • Post Legs:
    The cabinet of a pool table holds 90% of the overall weight. When players take shots, lean or sit against the pool table it adds even more stress. Post legs are considered “perfect” because they are made from solid pieces of wood, from the slate down to the feet. They are reliable and will prevent a lowering of the game play experience as time progresses.
  • Frame:
    The slate of a pool table is only as good as the wood frame, since a lack of support can cause the slate to sag, crack and become uneven. Slate is framed on wood or magna board foundation with a chalk outline to stay level and not shift over time, along with cross beams that add support.
  • Cloth / Felt:
    While durability can be an issue, many players are concerned about speed and traction on the playing surface. Billiard cloth is 22 ounces per yard for maximum life and you can choose between Teflon or worsted wool.
  • Cushion / Rails:
    Professional natural gum rails; these types of rails provide a predictable bounce that will last as long as you own the pool table.
  • Playing Equipment / Accessories:
    In addition to a variety of  pool tables, we also carry Bar Stools, Bars, Mirrors, Pub Tables & Racks


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NOTE: To see a larger image of a particular pool table | billiard table, click on small image.


The Almeda 8’ billiard table is so expertly crafted and strikingly opulent in appearance that it adds richness and depth to any space. The Almeda pool table sits on curved legs with scrolling tool work and elegant clamshell detailing, which matches the winding delineation found along the ornately inscribed edges of the table's base and railings. The pockets are crafted from leather that complements the piece's gorgeous finish, and the pool table is completed with a premium billiard cloth for good measure.



The 8' Ambiance's strong and sturdy build yet soft, subtle accents and warm finish makes this collection a fit for any home. Artisan-crafted from American Maple and select hardwoods, and boasting a full collection of family-friendly pieces—from the raised panel bar to the five piece gathering set—the Ambiance offers great styling and clever entertaining functionality.



One look at the Artero and you'll know it's certain to become a family heirloom. This billiard table, made with American Maple and finished in a Navajo stain, will complement any décor. The Artero features oversized rails with diamond sights, loop and tassel pockets, and a 1" oversized framed slate. The Artero is available as a 7’ and 8’ pool table.



Simple lines match tapered block legs to form an iconic, lasting treasure at a terrific price. Constructed from American Poplar and stained in a Suede finish, the Avon is available as a 7’ and 8’ table.



With its distinguished design and rich walnut accents, the Britton Collection sets the standard in game room elegance. Artisan-crafted from Walnut, Maple and other select hardwoods, the sumptuous handcrafted pieces combine to create a game room that’s nothing short of spectacular. The Britton is available as an 8’ pool table.



The soft Suede finish of the Camden Collection combined with unique, subtle accents creates an eye-catching look that will fit any décor. Boasting abundant and comfortable seating along with ample storage, this game room collection offers high style and clever functionality. Artisan-crafted from American Maple and select hardwoods, the Camden billiard table is available in 7’, 8’ and 9’ sizes.



The 9’ Carlton pool table displays uniquely patterned handrails and rail blinds with exceptional construction and playability. Featuring custom shield pockets, diamond sights, and a rich Vintage Oak Stain with bold accent highlighting, the Carlton is sure to be a crowd pleaser.



An exquisite addition to your lounge or rec room and perfect for those with even the most discriminating tastes, this heirloom worthy Caswell 8’ Pool Table adds significance to any space that will make you proud to call it your own. Rich and elegant in its finish, with subtly detailed railing, it is completed with ornately wrought legs tooled to impart an air of affluence. The Caswell is constructed for optimal function and boasts pockets of deep and soft beautifully hued leather and a premium slate bed that meets the highest demands while adding dimension to the distinguishing and dapper billiard table beautifully without becoming overwhelming.



The transitional styling of the Celeste Collection offers a look that’s perfect for any recreation room. Produced from premium Maple and select hardwoods, each piece is meticulously crafted to provide not only an elegant look but a sturdily built pool table for years of family fun. The Celeste billiard table is sized at 8’.



The subtle curve of the routered cabinet, which also features oversized ball and claw legs, was the inspiration to this namesake pool table. Custom leather pockets seamlessly blend with the diamonded sighted top rail of the table’s perimeter. The 8’ Crescent comes finished in a hand rubbed Riverbank stain for years of reliable family fun.



Artisan-crafted from American Poplar and select hardwoods and finished in English Tudor, the sumptuous, dark-hued pieces of the Eclipse Collection are ready to host everything from a quick drink to a long night of fun. One look at the Eclipse Collection is all it takes to see why it’s the perfect spot for endless evenings of entertainment. The Eclipse billiard table is available in 7’ and 8’ sizes.



Impeccable shape and symmetry can be found in the many hand-carved details surrounding the 8’ Elegance billiard table. The designer-inspired Heirloom rails and custom leather pockets demonstrate our commitment to an attention to detail. Our vintage Navajo stain embellishes the subtle grain patterns of American Maples used in constructing your next family treasure.



Contrary to popular styling of the early Renaissance period, King Louis XIV encouraged elaborate carving and scrollwork, and richly-traced fruit and floral motifs, swags and leafage. His designers often embellished with a free, lavish interpretation of the Renaissance’s classical lines and proportions. Intricately carved from top to bottom with “Buhl” styling—which developed in the late 1600s—virtually every popular motif of Renaissance France is found in the Gobelins billiard table. Nowhere else can such exquisite detail be found on a pool table designed to replicate a historic showpiece and intended for practical use.



As seen on DIY's "Man Caves" show! Made by artisans the "old fashion way,” using only time-tested wood joinery methods throughout the entire construction process, the 8’ Kensington features quad beam frame construction designed to create a perfectly flat playing surface by unitizing the frame and cabinet and distributing the weight evenly throughout the pool table. Attractive legs with clean lines support the pool table and create an elegant and distinct look. The superior quality of Oak wood construction and Heirloom design is not only made to last but is sure to offer fun and entertainment for friends and family for years to come.


Lady Shannon

Magnificent architectural influences and historic events inspired the “Lady Shannon” masterpiece, which is constructed upon the glorious reign of the Hapsbuburg family of the Austrian Empire. The exotic sedua top rails—inlaid with the gold engraved nameplate and surrounded by mother-of-pearl detail—along with elegantly-carved corner cherubs, apron scrolls and leg pearls all grant the Lady Shannon its place in the court of Tradition and Opulence billiard tables.


La Paz

The La Paz represents the Spanish influence on furniture design from the mid-1800s to 1900. Constructed from solid Honduras Mahogany, this massive pool table features straight lines and precisely-carved panels that are typical of the straightforward and masculine style of the Mediterranean area in the 19th century. The billiard table’s cabinets are braced internally with two solid Poplar hardwood beams nestled into routered crossbeam slots, as opposed to a common modern method of utilizing glue as a sealant. Even the internal braces are sanded and finished, demonstrating our commitment to expert craftsmanship and enduring quality.



Almost aristocratic in its presence, this Latigo 8’ pool table adds certain majestic style to any room and is sure to be the pièce de résistance of your space for years to come. It features elegantly-tooled railings fashioned in a reverse wide scallop to complement the pool table’s opulent base and magnificent scrolling legs. This exceptional billiard table is finished in premium cloth with pockets of high quality, superior leather for an appeal that is sure to become the envy of guests and onlookers.



Smart, sleek, and engagingly modern, this essential Loft pool table boasts a savvy and contemporary look that adds satisfying character to a room. With a brilliant minimalist design, this solid Cherry body is wrought with handsome squared corners and enclosed pockets for a polished, clean appearance that is understated and subtle, yet undoubtedly charming. With squared steel legs to mirror its slighted base, this timeless pool table is completed with high-quality billiard cloth.



A harmonious mix of metal and wood brings an industrial flair to this quintessential game. The Weathered Oak finish which adorns this 8’ billiard table, with its luminous hues, will certainly accent any décor. Rest assured, the Lynx pool table is hand-crafted utilizing the finest raw materials and old world craftsman assembly techniques.



Anchored by four stately fluted and turned legs and a routered arched cabinet, one will quickly realize the 8’ Madrid billiard table in Antique Birch offers fascinating design elements. The fast-action diamond-sighted Heirloom rails and window pane blinds welcome hours of family fun and enjoyment..



The 8’ Mendocino's elegant carvings and regal presence is guaranteed to be the masterpiece of any home. This beautiful pool table, made from premium Maple and select hardwoods, is finished in Mojave and features a unique storage drawer hidden in the cabinet of the table. The Mendocino is accompanied by several Heirloom-style collection pieces. From the oversized bar and back bar with granite surfaces to the comfortable tilting spectator seating, this collection's beauty is as extravagant as the memories you'll make using it.



Massive interlocking Oak beams banded in steel and rivets are the foundation to the 8’ Millania architectural masterpiece. Oversized top rails, featuring Sure Shot cushion rubber, will allow you to fine tune your game with this impressive pool table. The multi-step leg adds a dynamic element of design to the Millania keep sake finished in Weathered Oak stain.



Stylish bold accents and a sleek design make the 7’ and 8’ Omega pool table a handsome focus for your game room. Combined with complementing furniture to match any décor, this collection will provide endless hours of entertainment.



Artisan-crafted from American Maple and select hardwood, the 8’ Palmetto’s intricate carvings and extraordinary design guarantee that it will be the focal point of any home. Featuring a unique bamboo look, the Palmetto pool table is accompanied by several Heirloom collection pieces. The beautifully-crafted bar and mirror are accompanied by comfortable spectator seating to complete what is sure to be the talk of the neighborhood. The Palmetto collection is guaranteed to whisk its inhabitants away to a tropical paradise.



The Peregrine pool table augments distinguished character in a room where family and friends gather. This billiard table is one that boasts a lovely, refined design which adds a little more luxury to any environment without overwhelming, giving your space warmth and a welcoming feel. This beautiful table sits on graciously curved legs completed with timeless ball and claw-style feet and understated beveled railings for a smooth and even look that bring richness and stability to mind. It is finished with premium billiard cloth and leather pockets to complement its obliging and comely finish.



Intricately arched legs lead to a solid wood corner and a routered arched cabinet of this soon to be family heirloom pool table. Distinctive diamond sight inlays adorn the classically shaped top rail of the Pinnacle 8’ beauty, featuring custom tailored leather pockets. The multi-step Glacier finish, with accent glazing, will surely make a Pinnacle billiard table the focal point of your new recreation room.



Composed of polished, regal arches and curved legs with modified claw feet, this handsome pool table offers your home an air of sophistication. The lower edges of the railings mirror the arched design of the base and are accented with soft leather pockets that complement the design of the table with taste and cordiality. The tops of the rails are framed to add winsome contrast to the overall design and help to make the Puma pool table a strikingly unique addition to your space.



The 8’ Quest pool table features a unique blend of hardened steel and tight-grained American Oak which provides an urban feel—a look which many designers seek. A magnificent wide-top rail adorns the table, featuring hammered steel pegs and internal leather pockets. The Glacier stain with hand-rubbed accent glazing will quickly make this the focal point of your oasis and will keep your guests entertained for hours.



The three periods of the Georgian age, spanning 1714 through 1830, have had a long-lasting influence on furniture design. Characteristic of early Georgian sensibilities, the Renaissance billiard table eschews the elaborate carvings of later years in favor of the bold, straight lines of the cabinet balanced by sturdy, classically-arched lines of the legs. The designer integrated a key characteristic of a later age, the Chippendale period, by using solid Honduras mahogany throughout this magnificent pool table. Today, Honduras mahogany is used only in select wood pieces that show the same superior craftsmanship that was practiced in an earlier age.


Sante Cruz

The bold, architecturally-inspired look of the 8’ Sante Cruz pool table will add a welcome sense of design to any room. The Sante Cruz is handcrafted from American Oak and finished in a deeply rich Riverbank stain. This Mission-style centerpiece also features custom shield pockets, diamond sights, and an oversized 1” framed slate. The well-appointed bar, functional bar back mirror, and gathering billiard table will serve as the perfect centerpiece for many evenings of fun and entertainment.



Not only does the Sausalito Collection’s stunning contrast between rich wood tones and expressive accents create a remarkable first impression, the handcrafted billiard table, bar and dual-sided gathering table combine to create a game room destined for years of enjoyment. The 8’ Sausalito pool table comes with a Laurel Burl wood top rail and diamond-shaped sights.



English and Italian influences are clear in many of the details implemented in the Serrano’s design. Constructed with solid alder cabinetry, its deep lustrous routes reflect an emphasis on English design. This 8' billiard table is sturdy with elegant tapered legs which are enhanced by the Italian influences of the 1700s. The detailed carvings are highlighted by the tapered flutes to better show the beauty of the pool table. The fine craftsmanship of this table historically links it to furniture built during previous centuries. Only solid wood is used in its construction.



The uniquely-patterned rail blinds encourage a second look, while the Oak construction and welcoming playability attracts a billiard enthusiast to the 7’ and 8’ Tacoma pool tables. Featuring custom shield pockets, diamond-shaped sights, and a rich Vintage Oak stain with bold accent highlighting, the Tacoma is sure to be a crowd pleaser.



Refined and utterly compelling, the Telluride pool table is a piece which will surely leave your guests a bit envious, and will certainly be the furnishing in your home you enjoy sharing most with family and friends. Finished with an appreciation of the grain of the wood from which it is wrought, the Telluride is a luxurious 8’ billiard table with an arched base piped in a deep edge for an even more extravagant feel, and the table boasts crouching legs which are methodically styled with tapered and squared feet that provide gorgeous contrast. The Telluride pool table is upholstered in premium billiard cloth and completed with well-appointed leather pockets.



Carry elegance and sophistication to your favorite space when you bring the game you love home with this Tiffany 8’ pool table, a piece that commands attention and one that onlookers will envy. The premium construction shows in its brilliantly-tooled railings, handsomely-cut corners, and substantial rounded legs that offer winsome style with ornate carvings. Tiffany owners will enjoy the richness of its savvy finish, leather pockets, and finely-upholstered bed, adding extra brilliance to every gathering and hosted event.



A retro upgrade to a billiard classic, the Designer-inspired Vista pool table utilizes the recognizable deep grain contours of American Oak and is softened by the trendy Riverbank stain and glaze highlights. The perfect shape and proportion of this classic beauty will certainly be the focal point of any rec room.


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