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Thank you for the smooth installation of my new pool liner.
Nov. 2015

Dear Beth and Matt.

Thank you for the smooth installation of my new pool liner. It was a pleasure working with both of you and your team!



Ludwing did such a great job...

Ludwing did such a great job with our pool closing. He is kind, professional and knowledgeable.


Attention to detail is quite simply amazing...
Tom Habib

Just a short note to thank you for your help once again! Twelve years ago I was fortunate enough to purchase a pool from your firm. Royal Pools was recommended to me by one of my friends who had a great experience in purchasing and installation of a similar pool. In the end the process was simple, cost efficient and the end result was excellent. Today over 12 years later I wanted to replace my liner and once again your service and attention to detail is quite simply amazing. I had expected the process to be complicated and extremely costly. To my surprise you have made it a joy to work with you and your firm again. Thank you so much for your follow up and your suggestion to utilize some of the parts of the older pool. I am certain you have saved me hundreds of dollars! I look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks again!!


Very pleased with the level of experience and knowledge...
Sharon and Michael Newman

We are writing to acknowledge your staff for its excellent service. On several occasions over the last year we have required service on our spa and have been very pleased with the level of experience and knowledge demonstrated by your repairman to get our spa in working condition. We were also grateful for the timely service we received. When we recently visited the store to obtain a replacement part for the spa, the service was outstanding and, once again, the level of knowledge of everyone who helped us was apparent. We thought you should know that we appreciate it.


Royal Pools & Spas is our #1 choice...

20 years ago we purchased a pool from Royal Pools and Spas in New Hampton, N.Y. We have always received exceptional service. This past season we decided to replace the pool with an updated model. There was no doubt in our mind that Royal Pools & Spas would be our #1 choice. We thank Royal Pools for all our pool and supply needs.


How a Hot Tub Changed My Life
Oct 22 | C. Moore

Jaimie came into the store hurting. He was losing money from his self owned business and on pain medication that took off his edge. Jaimie, upon recommendation from doctors and friends, came into the store to look at hot tubs. We went through the benefits, features and responsibilities of spa ownership. Found the right tub for him and Jaimie bought his first hot tub.

One Week Later Jaimie’s wife came in to thank us because she had her first good night sleep in years. When Jaimie tossed and turned and couldn’t sleep from discomfort it kept her up as well.

One Month Later Jamie came in for his monthly water test and sang praises about his hot tub. The hot tub relieved pain in his back, relaxed him, and let him sleep better. But, that wasn’t the best part to him. Jamie was able to cut the pain medications in HALF! This allowed him to jump back into his business, but most importantly it allowed him to start taking part in his kids lives more. Every time Jaimie comes in he tells us and everyone in the store how a hot tub changed his life.

Now while this story may not be yours, you too can benefit from a hot tub. What Jaimie was experiencing was the therapeutic and relaxation benefits of hot tub ownership. Below you will see what was at work to make this possible for him and for you!

Relief of Muscle Pain and Tightness
The warmth of the water has the same impact as a hot pack on a sore muscle. Rather than radiant heat, the warm water engulfs the entire body and loosens any muscle tightness. Pressurized water from jets on the wall, seats and floor acts as a pinpoint massager, applying direct pressure to a tense or painful muscle. Performing mild exercise or stretching in a hot tub improves flexibility as limbs and muscles can move freely, without the pressure of body weight.

Stop Arthritis Pain
Water also makes the body buoyant, allowing free movement of joints without weight or pressure. The body weighs approximately 90 percent less when submerged in water, suggests Human Kinetics. By removing stress from the joints, the body can move freely, without the pain related to arthritis.

Increased Blood Flow
The American Heart Association reports that hot tubs cause the dilation of blood vessels, increasing the flow and pressure of blood throughout the body. This helps people with muscle or joint pain by delivering oxygen and enzymes to the site of an ache.

Restful Sleep
In its Healthy Sleep Tips, the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) says that “soaking in hot water before retiring to bed can ease the transition into deeper sleep.” The NSF cautions, however, that you should not go to bed overly hot and recommends 60 to 90 minutes between getting out of a hot tub and going to bed.

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