Safety Tips for Pools, Spas & Hot Tubs

Safety Tips for Pools, Spas & Hot Tubs


This message is to remind you of some essential safety steps to enjoy your new backyard pool and/or spa for year of carefree fun.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the electrical connection to your pool or spa are done according to code.

  • This applies to new installations, new liners and replacement pools or spas.
  • Failure to properly inspect your electric can result in significant safety concerns to life and limb.
  • It you hired a professional licensed electrician, they likely have performed this service.  If done, you will have an inspection certificate that you should keep on file.  If not done, call your electrician or building department today to obtain the name and number of an electrical inspector.
  • Do not omit this important safety step before use to ensure a fun and safe pool and/or spa experience.

You also must have a protective barrier or fence for any pool that is not fully above grade.  You should check with your town for compliance requirements today.  If you are waiting for a permanent fence to be installed, you must follow your town’s guidance for temporary fence provisions now. 

A couple of important notes to safeguard your new investment and your family and friends;

  • You need to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy on your new pool and/or spa for any permit pulled.  This confirms with the town that everything was done to code.  Once you get the C/O, please keep it on file for future reference.
  • You also need to tell your insurance company that you have your new pool/spa.  This will help protect you in the event of storm damage etc.  Make sure they know of your investment to safeguard it!

In order to ensure your pool and/or spa lasts and your swimmers are safe;

  • Have your water checked professionally at least every other week. 
  • Never use your pool or spa if the water is not clear and has proper water balance and sanitizer readings. 
  • NEVER leave children unattended.  Always use layers of protection.  Also, ensure that you are using a code-compliant pool alarm properly. 
  • You will find links below from the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals for Sensible ways to enjoy your pool, spa, and other important safety tops. Use this for further guidance on how to safely use your pool and/or spa. You can also consult the APSP directly for more safety advice. Your local building department and your insurance carrier also have other opportunities for you to learn more about pool and spa safety and guidance.

Safety Tips

These safety guides brochures from the POOL & HOT TUB ALLIANCE offer sensible ways to enjoy your above ground, onground pool, inground pool, spa and/or hot tub.


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