Pool Closing

Pool Closing in New York

Prepare for winter with our Pool Closing service, a seamless process that safeguards your investment, so it’s ready for the next season. Trust us for worry-free pool care.

  • Add winterizing chemicals to your pool, based on your pool’s size
    • For pools on CHLORINE, BROMINE, SALT, NATURE2™ or IONIZER: We will add Winter pools Kit(s).
    • Lower you water level below the skimmer.
  • Turn off the power. Disconenct filter, pump, plumbing & fittings
  • Disconnect ladder or handrails. (Drop in step not included)
  • Put on your pools winter cover and winterizing accessories

Inground pools Only

  • Blow out the suction and pressure lines
    – This applies to all underground piping
  • Add non toxic antifreeze to the plumbing
    – This applies to all underground piping