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Pool Opening in New York

Welcome the warm weather with our Pool Opening services. Our experts get your pool up and running smoothly, ensuring a summer of splashes and fun.

Here is what ROYAL POOLS & SPAS, INC. will do to “WAKE UP YOUR POOL”:

  • Royal will remove your cover and stretch it out to dry in an area designated by you.
  • Reconnect and check your filter, pump, piping and fittings. (Note: water level needs to be at operating level in order to complete).
  • Reconnect your ladder or handrail. (Entry Steps not included
  • Add initial shock / oxidizer to your swimming pool.
  • For pools on Baquacil ®: We will add 1 Gallon Baquacil Oxidizer ™ for each 10,000 gallons of pool water.
  • For pools on CHLORINE, BROMINE, SALT, NATURE2™ or IONIZER: We will add Liquid Chlorine Shock.
  • Contact us for Options Available:
    • Above Ground / Inground entry step re-installation.
    • Built in spa or Swim out with jets (inside the pool).
    • Reconnect gas, electric or solar heaters.
    • Clean, inspect and service heater (parts additional).
    • Reconnect any water features or Booster pumps (Ex: waterfalls, fountains, jet pumps).
    • Reconnect diving boards or slides.
    • Clean existing Salt Cells. (Salt cells should be cleaned annually)
    • Pool water rehabilitation
    • Initial pool vacuuming available

Here is what you must do prior to the arrival of our Service Technician:

  • Add fresh water to raise the level to at least mid-skimmer range, if this is not done, your equipment will not be operational upon our departure.
    • If this happens, we can return for a fee of $175 to start your system.
    • * You can pre-schedule a return trip for $100 if you anticipate low water level
  • Remove all leaves, debris & water from the pool cover. If this is not done, we may have to re-schedule for a fee of $170.00 for a later date or debris and cover water might inadvertently be deposited into your pool.
    • Royal Pools can remove the debris in advance of your opening at our normal service charge of $185.00 for the first hour.
  • Make sure that the electrical connections (breakers) are turned on and accessible. Make sure an outside water source is on and available.
  • If your pool has a Gas Heater (LP), make sure there is gas in the tank.
  • Have a Responsible Adult present the day the pool is opened. We want to make sure that the job is done to everyone’s satisfaction the first time.
  • After your pool is opened, circulate your water for at least 24 hours and then bring your water sample to any of our. Water Care Centers, located in each of our locations, for a Free Analysis.

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