100 Reasons to Own an Above Ground Pool

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Discover the allure of owning an above ground pool, where a world of aquatic wonders awaits you. Dive into our list of '100 Reasons to Own an Above Ground Pool,' and embark on a journey that celebrates the joys, benefits, and endless possibilities that these backyard oases bring to your life. Explore the myriad ways an above ground pool can transform your home, your lifestyle, and your cherished moments of leisure. Let's dive in!


1. The Endless Vacation
Owning an above ground pool is like being on permanent vacation: it’s always a great day and tomorrow will be a great day too. The entire family will think they’ve moved to paradise.

2. The Essence of Enjoyment
A backyard swimming pool is always a fun place. No matter how it is used – for games, for relaxation, or for exercise – the pool experience is pure enjoyment at its finest.

3. Kids Learn To Swim Early
Most children naturally love water. Just wait until they learn to swim! What better, healthier environment is there than a place they can go and be themselves – the fish of the family?

4. Learn to Snorkel
Sure it’s great to snorkel in the tropics, but not everyone has the opportunity to go there. The family pool is a great alternative. The children will believe they’re swimming with the sharks off the Great Barrier Reef. Thankfully, they’re at home just outside the window.

5. Encourage Togetherness
Like a magnet, the family above ground pool, especially with a spa / hot tub, encourages everyone to come together. Some call it bonding, others simply call it love – the kind that keeps families close.

6. The Kids are Only Young Once
Just ask the parent who has sent a son or daughter off to college wondering where the time went. If there ever was a perfect reason to purchase an above ground pool pool today, it’s children.

7. What Else Gives so Much Pleasure?
Think about it. Name a purchase or attended event that pleases like a swimming pool. A vacation, a party, a movie or even a month at a theme park all come quickly to an end. In a blink of an eye they’re gone, but a swimming pool adds pleasure for years.

8. Give the Family Something Special
There’s nothing to look forward to that’s more special than a new swimming pool. All families eagerly await the purchase. For most, it’ll be like a dream come true; nothing can be better than that.

9. Incredible Toys to Play With
A swimming pool opens up so many new avenues of fun. There are many great toys for an above ground pools that will delight everyone in the family, from floats to boats.

10. Good, Clean Fun
From the youngest child to the oldest member of the family, a pool represents all the good things of life. And watching people of all ages having fun in a pool is enough to lighten the heart and give one a reason to smile.

11. Memories
Not the song, but the real thing. Remember what a swimming pool meant to you as a child? Now imagine what it will do for the children in your home. You might be sparking the best memories of all.

12. Quintessentially the Best
Inch for inch, minute for minute, there are more fun opportunities for kids and parents in the pool than any other place on earth.

13. Let the Family Know You Care
There are gifts and then there are gifts. Nothing quite compares to a pool, no matter what kind, shape or size. Any pool is perfect. Best of all, an above ground pool pool says something special to the ones you love. It’s an opportunity to get closer together and it works marvelously well.

14. The Theme Park You Own
With so many games, floats, slides and toys available, it’s no wonder the backyard above ground pool has been dubbed a theme park. What’s especially nice, it never has long lines and you control the hours when it’s open. Fun happens here on a continuous basis.

15. Teach Grandma and Grandpa to Swim
So many elders never had the chance to learn to swim. They’ve loved watching the grandchildren in a pool and more than likely would love to join them. Go ahead: teach them in your own private oasis where they feel comfortable and secure.


16. You Love Relaxing
There is no better place to relax than by an above ground pool pool or on a float in a pool. It helps you unwind and forget the troubles of work and the stress of everyday encounters. The soothing effects of a pool are almost immeasurable.

17. You Love to Read and Rejuvenate
Just ask anyone who owns an above ground pool how easy it is to read in a comfortable chair next to the serene water. When the spirit moves you, take a dip for a quick refresher and then plow back into your favorite pages.

18. The Best Family Present Ever
Many people have been thinking about pool ownership because it fits their lifestyle goals to a tee. Now may be the best time to indulge yourself and your loved ones and help create the special environment you always wanted for your home.

19. Your Own Tanning Salon
Families who have above ground pools have better tans. It’s all done naturally, too. Lounging on a float, even on a chair, helps most people perfect the tan everyone is envious of.

20. It Will Add Balance to Your Life
After a hard day at work or school, nothing is more inviting and rejuvenating than the family pool. Its value will increase every time you’re away. Shouldn’t you have a pool to look forward to? We think so.

21. Supreme Enjoyment
For some families, an above ground swimming pool is a natural part of their everyday life. They view its existence as some view an easy chair. A pool is one of those destinations in their home where they can be themselves and be totally at ease.

22. Enjoy Yourself, It’s Later Than You Think
Not only children, but you, too, deserve a swimming pool. It is one of those special rewards that most people have always wanted, but for some reason, have put off for another day or another lifetime. Don’t wait any longer.

23. Make a Personal Fashion Statement
For those with a passion for fashion, a new above ground pool can be built to your custom design. And it encourages coordination of a vast array of accouterments and leisure attire. From landscaping and lawn chairs to sunglasses, swimsuits and towels, there are lots of opportunities to make your pool scene your own.

24. Every Home Deserves a Pool House
Your residence is complete in almost every way. But you’ve always wanted a special place to entertain guests for outdoor affairs or evenings on the lawn. A pool house or cabana would be perfect. But first, your property needs an above ground pool.

25. Because You Know the Value of Ownership
This knowledge isn’t something you’ve just discovered, it’s something that has accumulated with keen observation and the desire to do something positive for yourself. Go do it and enjoy!


26. Better Health
It is possible to treat yourself and your loved ones to great entertainment at home and a healthier lifestyle as well. A swimming pool in the backyard is all of that and more.

27. The Best Exercise
People who use their pool as part of their everyday exercise think that swimming and aquatics are the very best exercises for the body. Many physicians and health trainers agree. Water exercises are more beneficial because they put less stress on limbs and joints.

28. The Way to Sleep Better
A lot of people who own swimming pools have concluded that a late evening swim or a few minutes in the spa invites the best sleep of all. Somehow the muscles seem to relax and you sleep better as a result of the experience.

29. Great for Arthritis and Sore Joints
Some people who suffer from the pain of arthritis are convinced that a regular program of water exercises is one of the ways to beat the debilitating effects of the disease. But, make sure to check with your doctor first.

30. A Wonderful Environment for Those with Disabilities
Pool and spa accessory manufacturers have developed lifts and access equipment so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of the water.

31. A Strong Heart
Most people recognize that a program of exercise and a healthy diet is a great way to stay in shape. Swimming and aquatics can help all family members maintain their weight and also build a strong, healthy heart. A backyard above ground pool may be the ticket to a longer, healthier life.

32. Aquatics Are In
A great number of books and magazines talk about the superior benefits of aquatics versus other types of exercise. With a pool in your backyard you can enjoy what some call the perfect exercise for the entire body.

33. Work Off Big Meals Quickly
The pool in the backyard is more than just convenient. It’s a great inducement for exercise anytime. There really isn’t a better way to get the metabolism going.

34. A Great Alternative to Becoming a Couch Potato
After a busy day or a big meal, too many Americans take to the easy chair and sleep themselves into poor health. The backyard pool can save everyone from becoming a couch potato.

35. Better Than Watching Television
While TV can sometimes be entertaining it is no competition for good fun and healthy exercise. A swimming pool offers both.

36. Sports Are More Fun in the Pool
Everyone enjoys games in the pool. Some are more fun because they can involve most family members, not just the ones who excel.

37. Swimming and Exercise Are Healthy Ways to Regain a Lost Appetite
The effects of water on the appetite are phenomenal. A regular exercise program in the pool may help some family members get back into good eating habits.

38. Help Your Children Build Self-Confidence
Learning to swim, dive and interact compatibly with others helps build confidence in children and prepares them for life.

39. Lessons Learned in a Pool Can Last Forever
While exercise, diet, self-confidence and health are all individually great motivating factors for the purchase of an above ground swimming pool, each plays a role in life that is long-term in nature.

40. Stress-Free Floating
Floating is freedom – freedom from stress and freedom from any kind of tension. This stress-free experience allows you to think about life, the family and all the jobs you handle. It can free you of all cares and woes.


41. Beat the Heat
When it’s hot outside, nothing satisfies the mind and body like a dip in the pool. Owners can refresh themselves with little concern about heat waves. This is a primary reason to own your pool.

42. Conveniently Close to Home
Who loves packing up the kids and all the accessories to drive somewhere to cool off? Some say that the convenience factor alone is reason enough to warrant the purchase.

43. You’ll Know Where Your Kids Are
Many pool owners will tell you that just knowing that their children are close by is one of the major benefits of having a backyard pool.

44. Knowing Who They’re With
Knowing where the children play is important to most families, but knowing who they associate with may be even more important.

45. A Family Meeting Place
Above ground pool is a great place to meet and talk. For many families, it’s the only place where they get together. It’s less formal and demanding than the dinner table. Everyone is doing their own thing at lunch, and breakfast is always on the fly.

46. There Will be Less Grass to Cut
A swimming pool space helps eliminate some yard. But, here’s more pleasant news. After mowing or other chores, a swimming pool is there to reward you. A refreshing splash is all it takes to renew the body and refresh the spirit.

47. Avoid Being Embarrassed
Some folks never go to the beach or swim in a public place because they feel funny in a bathing suit. With a pool on your property, you can enjoy all the benefits you’ve been missing.

48. Beats Joining a Swim Club
With your own above ground pool, you have your own swim club. Here, wonderful things happen: the crowds are down, there’s no fighting for poolside seating and no one is there to splash you while you rest. No one is in your way when you swim and nobody hits you from behind. Imagine, a perfect day at the pool.

49. Grandchildren Will Want to Visit You
Grandparents rejoice. There is a way to keep the grandchildren coming back. You guessed it. It’s a backyard or indoor pool you own. Don’t think for one minute that this statement is not true. A pool is a very compelling reason to get the youngsters to visit frequently.

50. Knowing It’s There and Always Ready
There is a special feeling knowing you have a swimming pool of your own. That convenience can never be truly measured. Just knowing it awaits you anytime, day or night, as a reward for hard work or as a way of gaining essential relaxation, is a great comfort to pool owners everywhere.

51. Today’s Pools Offer Great Value
Families who purchase pools today find ways to free up time to enjoy them. Some add heaters and covers to extend their seasons; others add enclosures to gain year-round convenience. And, automated cleaners keep maintenance to a minimum.

52. Keeps the Kids Outdoors on Nice Days
All parents want their children to get fresh air and sunshine. There probably has never been a better inducement than an above ground pool and a couple of friends.

53. A Cool Dip After Tennis
Your friends will love it, especially if you already have a home court. As the match heats up, everyone will be thinking about the special rewards that follow. It may even improve your game.

54. The Pool Looks Good From the 18th Green
You’re out on the golf course, the temperature is in the 90’s and so is your golf score. The best reward you can think of is a quick drive home and a few hours of fun, enjoying your pool and your family.

55. Today’s Easy-Care Electronics
Today’s pools are extremely easy to maintain. Many come with advanced electronics, remote control features and simplified operating procedures. Homeowners now have more time to enjoy their pools and spend less time looking after them.

56. No Reservations Required
It’s true that many pool owners have decided that they would rather be at home enjoying themselves than fighting the crowds at resorts. No advanced reservations are required and the time spent at play is greatly extended and often less expensive.

57. Train a Competitive Swimmer or Diver
A swimming pool in the backyard will aid the competitive swimmer or diver in the family. Look at the famous water sports figures and you’ll discover that the backyard pool was where their fame may have begun. It certainly is a big help in training.

58. Girls Night Out Without Leaving Home
An above ground pool in the yard offers owners the perfect excuse not to go off looking elsewhere for fun and entertainment. Most families find the pool to be the perfect place to rediscover their best friends.


59. It’s Romantic in the Moonlight
When the day is done and the children are tucked in bed, the swimming pool awaits. Under a moonlit sky, the pool reflects that special glow. Just ask the adults who own one.

60. For a Secret Rendezvous
Day or evening, the swimming pool or spa is a great place to meet. It is a wonderful spot for conversation and to rediscover the person you truly love.

61. Skinny Dipping
Everyone would like to skinny dip at least once – especially with the person they love. But where? The only safe place is to do it at home, in your own private above ground pool. Be sure to tuck the kids in bed before you slip into the water.

62. Your Own Private Lagoon
Listen, you can almost hear the call of wild birds. The enchanted jungle awaits you and a partner to experience the soothing pleasure of this therapeutic lagoon. The water cascades into a crystal clear pool that is especially inviting. This need not be a dream.

63. The Stars Come Out
Every evening, when you are with the person you love, and you are sitting by the pool or in it, the stars come out. It is easy to see them as they reflect in the dark water. Any guess as to the number of stars that are working for you on nights such as this?

64. All the Good Times Ahead
Ownership of a swimming pool doesn’t end with your first romantic encounter. The above ground pool can be very compelling when those in love are trying to mend their feelings for each other. And there’s no need to call for an appointment.

65. Those Private Mini Vacations With #1
You’ve got to get away from it all. Mom says she’ll watch the children. Where do you go? Most places are far away or too expensive. The very best, most comfortable place on earth is home. It has the best bed, the best pillows and there’s no parking or traveling involved. Your other half thinks so, too. The pool awaits, and your friends and neighbors think you are far, far away. Guess what? You’ve arrived.

66. Make a New Friend
A swimming pool, is a great inducement to ask a new love interest to join you in conversation or to relax the night away. A few words are all it takes to extend an invitation that just might turn out to be an eternal offering.

67. Poolside Weddings are Spectacular
If there’s a bubbling fountain in the center of the pool and the scent of fresh flowers are in the air, what environment could be more perfect for a wedding? An above ground pool in a private garden is as special and romantic as it gets. The participants and all those in attendance will always remember the event.

68. Your Personal Luxury
It’s an old axiom known to owners: those who purchase a pool for their children often discover it is the parents who love it most. In fact, even after the kids are off on their own, the pool becomes a personal escape from the world and they would never think of giving it up. Why should they?


69. Perfect for Entertaining
Everything works better outdoors. Food, conversation, neighborhood gatherings – all are special events when you have a pool.

70. Pride of Ownership
A swimming pool is one of those great purchases that make people wonder why they hadn’t bought sooner. There’s the same kind of pride as for one’s car or one’s home.

71. Pool Parties for all Ages
A birthday party for kids can be a hassle, but when it’s by the pool, it’s really memorable. Adults love pool parties, too. A swimming pool adds a unique twist to the old way of doing things.

72. World’s Best Picnics
Picnics are fun. They’re even better when it’s your turn to play host. That’s because you have an above ground pool to keep everyone entertained.

73. Start a Trend
Be the first. That new pool in the neighborhood is usually the catalyst for others that follow. You knew it was a great idea when you decided to build, but then, you always were the trendsetter, weren’t you?

74. You’ve Arrived
Your new swimming pool is a symbol that tells the world that you know how to live. It’s a milestone purchase on the road of life.

75. Envy of the Neighborhood
Beyond the notion that you can afford a swimming pool, the purchase, especially on a hot day, is one that leaves neighbors wishing they were you.

76. No Longer Envious of Others
The purchase of aan above ground pool relieves all of the envious desires that were once built-up. You’ve joined the club. You’re one of the “haves.”

77. Strut Your Stuff
You look good in bathing suits but none of your friends or neighbors can tell. Show them when you invite them to your pool parties.

78. Be the Talk of the Town
This very visible purchase will give all your neighbors something special to talk about. It demonstrates the importance of having fun and family values.


79. Prices May Never be Lower
Today’s the day. Next week or next year it may be more costly, so now is the time to purchase the pool of your dreams. As someone once said, “timing is everything.”

80. Your Pool May be Tax Deductible
That’s right. If you purchase a swimming pool using a home equity loan, the swimming pool purchase can save you money come April 15th. Talk to your accountant.

81. Swimming Pools are Affordable
Today there are many types of pools and many ways to buy them. All give the same sense of pride as well as all of the natural benefits and rewards of ownership. Explore all of your options, and then don’t wait another minute.

82. Easy to Finance
Swimming pools are extremely easy to finance. Families use everything from credit cards to home equity loans to get the exact pool they want. Low interest rates give purchasers an extra measure of affordability, which some use to get extra bells and whistles.

83. Off Season Prices are Low
Royal Pools & Spas offers special off-season prices. This practice helps keep our talented workforce busy when they would otherwise be slowing down.

84. Today’s Technology Keeps Operating Costs Down
Today’s buyer can find many new ways to minimize the cost of pool upkeep. In recent years, pool manufacturers have added systems and technology to their product lines that have improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness for homeowners.

85. Pools are Less Expensive Than Many Alternatives
An above ground pool can cost less than a big family vacation. It will last a lot longer, too. A week long cruise for a family of five can be a lot more expensive than many swimming pools.

86. An Inexpensive Date
A swimming pool is not always a substitute for a night on the town, but it sure is less expensive and easier to pull off. Entertainment costs a lot today. The family pool provides an opportunity to have fun and save some money. Friends may even prefer it to the costlier alternatives. And, it’s private.

87. Revamp Your Lifestyle Without Relocation
You don’t need to move out or move up. Invest in an above ground pool designed to complement your current home and grounds and you’ll be amazed at the improvement in your property and lifestyle. It’s an attractive alternative.

88. Take Advantage of Builder Incentives
The perfect time to buy is when pool companies are offering special inducements. Incentives can include dollars off, coupons, package deals, and even free options. All are worth consideration as part of a means to an end that you truly want.

89. “Play Pools” are Easy on the Pocketbook
Some families have opted for shallow, below ground “play pools.” Like their above-ground cousins, they use less water, they’re easier and less expensive to maintain and allow anyone who can’t swim to enjoy a refreshing dip on a hot day.

90. Express Your Creativity
Unique shapes don’t necessarily mean an in-ground pool. Royal Pools & Spas carries brands that can give you that beautiful lagoon pool without the in-ground price.

91. A Pool is a Great Asset
Installing an above ground pool helps position your home as an all-the-time vacation. Most homeowners, see the pool as an investment they’ve made for themselves – one that pays dividends that dollars can’t measure.

92. It Makes Your House a Home
A house with no pool is just enclosed space. But in a pool you’ve a great place to call “home.”


93. The Centerpiece of the Garden
Those who own a swimming pool know its aesthetic value. They understand how its placement and its purpose often become the center of attention. Swimming pools are beautiful and jewel-like: they attract, they reflect and, often, they inspire. All that adorns the garden is enhanced when it is near the pool.

94. Any Customized Purpose
When we say you can have it your way, we mean it. With a large above ground selection you can pick from pools with decking, installed below ground, and even in lagoon shapes!

95. Add Beauty to Your Home
Your home, no matter how beautiful, will be greatly enhanced with the addition of an above ground pool. Pools are not only fun and functional; they add a certain grace to every landscape and a backdrop that no other adornment can duplicate.

96. Add Value to Your Home
Certain items make houses into homes. A swimming pool is certainly one of them.

97. Create a Tropical Paradise
From dramatic lighting to lagoons, today’s pool buyers are adding the “natural look” to their backyards. Often, they blend nature’s own special effects into a newly created setting, establishing an enchanted forest or tropical paradise right at home.

98. An Indoor Oasis
Homes that have indoor pools have a grandeur all their own. Owners often create exceptional spaces reminiscent of grottos, gardens and greenhouses. Indoor pools also become year-round playgrounds for the family – a beautiful oasis that can give nourishment to the weary, 365 days a year.

99. A Pool Feels Right, Day and Night
In the morning air, a walk in the garden, especially by the pool, gives a certain satisfaction. It just feels right. That special feeling also reappears in the evening, under a full moon or in the light cast from garden lanterns. It’s quieter here, more natural and far away from the pace of everyday life. It’s okay to linger and take in all the beauty that you see.

100. Beautiful, Gracious Entertaining
The sun is up, it’s mid-afternoon and tea will be served to the social club out by the pool. You know the setting will be perfect since everyone will enjoy the serene ambiance you’ve created. The sun is down and business associates are about to arrive for dinner. Cocktails by the pool will create the perfect mood to start a proper evening.