Saunas in New York

Finlandia Prefabricated Rooms (FPF)

Finlandia prefab Saunas are complete, freestanding, self-contained rooms engineered with fast and effortless installation in mind. They can be put anywhere you have an open space. The space needs to be a little larger than the actual Sauna room size. You must provide a waterproof floor (concrete, tile, or vinyl). FPFs contain all interior and exterior parts. Our prefabs can be installed by the homeowner over any hard-surfaced waterproof floor. We have an exclusive locking system inside each of our panels which makes our prefab the fastest to install, the strongest, and the most custom looking Sauna on the market.

Tranditional Sauna

Finlandia Custom Saunas

All Finlandia material packages are made to order. Our precut packages are intended for use in a space that you have framed and insulated. Anyone with general carpentry experience can build a Sauna out of our FPC parts. We supply all the interior room parts and you nail or staple our 1"x 4" tongue and groove boards to your stud frame; our boards will run horizontally. We cut the material and build parts to fit your room; we don't just supply a pile of uncut lumber and unassembled pieces.

Tranditional Sauna

Finlandia Outdoor Saunas

Our outdoor Sauna is the same as our FPF Sauna except that it includes an unassembled cedar shingle roof package. You supply the waterproof pad and we provide the insulated modular room. Outdoor Saunas may be assembled on a concrete pad or on a deck. If installing on a deck first put down a sheet of ¾" plywood covered by vinyl or use concrete board with tile. The roof package includes wood plates, prefab rafters, nailers, facing, metal flashing, cedar shingles, ridge cap, and nails. You put it together. It includes the same components as the standard FPF package. The Finlandia Outdoor Sauna is available in sizes ranging from 4'x 4' to 8'x 8'.

Sun & Soul Saunas

Discover the Sun & Soul Infrared Sauna Collection A Sun & Soul sauna is the perfect way to care for your mind, body and soul. Never tried an infrared sauna? They’re similar to steam ones, but without the extreme temperature. Instead, they heat the body directly to induce a deep sweat. As well as having many wellness benefits, our infrared saunas are a natural way to rest and relax.

Sun and Soul Sauna