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Hot Tub / Spa Services

Hot Tub / Spa Closing

Prepare your hot tub or spa for the winter chill with our expert closing service in New York. Trust Royal Pools and Spas to safeguard your investment, ensuring a stress-free and secure closure, so you can enjoy a worry-free winter...

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Hot Tub / Spa Cleaning

Revitalize your oasis with Royal Pools and Spas' premier hot tub and spa cleaning service in New York. Our meticulous professionals leave no stone unturned, ensuring crystal-clear waters and pristine relaxation. Trust us to maintain your sanctuary so you can...

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Hot Tub / Spa Opening

Open the front access panel to the spa Reinstall and plugs that were taken out of the spa & pumps. Reconnect any unions from the pumps or heater assemblies that were loosened and the time of closing. Fill the spa...

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Hot Tub / Spa Service & Repair

Indulge in ultimate relaxation with our Hot Tub Service and Repair expertise. We handle everything from minor fixes to comprehensive spa rejuvenation, ensuring your hot tub remains a soothing oasis. Delivery and Removal Drain and Refill Opening/Closing Maintenance Repair (exclusive...

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