Hot Tub / Spa Cleaning

Hot Tub / Spa Cleaning in New York

Revitalize your oasis with Royal Pools and Spas’ premier hot tub and spa cleaning service in New York. Our meticulous professionals leave no stone unturned, ensuring crystal-clear waters and pristine relaxation. Trust us to maintain your sanctuary so you can enjoy a clean and refreshing spa experience year-round.

*Weekly or One time cleanings available

  • Obtain water sample and analyze at our lab.
  • Inspect Spa condition.
  • Check for air in the filter / pump.
  • Check water level
  • Check for noise in filter / pump.
  • Check for leaves / debris in filter
  • Check all equipment
  • Vacuuming of spa
  • Cleaning of tile / water line.
  • Brush walls
  • Clean baskets & skimmers.
  • Add chemicals as need based on testing.
  • Clean and tidy hot tub / spa area.
  • Close and secure gate.