Pool Cleaning

Pool Cleaning in New York

Experience the epitome of cleanliness with our Pool Cleaning services. Our meticulous team ensures your pool water sparkles, making every swim a refreshing delight.

*Weekly or One time cleanings available

  • Obtain water sample and analyze at our lab.
  • Inspect pool condition.
  • Check filter pressure.
  • Check for air in the filter / pump.
  • Check water level
  • Check for noise in filter / pump
  • Check for leaves / debris in filter / pump.
  • Check all equipment (Slide, diving board, etc)
  • Vacuuming of pool
  • Cleaning of tile / water line.
  • Brush walls
  • Clean baskets, skimmers & pump.
  • Backwash Sand / DE filter & recharge (DE) if needed
  • Add chemicals as need based on testing.
  • Clean and tidy pool area.
  • Close and secure gate.
  • Aim the return fittings down and to the side for proper flow pattern.