Pool Services

Water Testing

It's crucial to have a professional test your pool water because they possess the expertise and specialized equipment to accurately assess its chemical balance. This ensures the safety of swimmers and the longevity of your pool's equipment. With precise analysis,...

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Inground Pool Maintenance & Repair

For Inground Pool owners, our Maintenance and Repair services are second to none. We keep your pool pristine and address any issues swiftly, so you can enjoy endless summers in style. Filter & Pump Repair / Replacement Maintenance Safety Covers...

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Above Ground Pool Install & Removal & Maintenance

Elevate your aquatic experience with Royal Pools and Spas in New York. Our expert team specializes in Above Ground Pool Installations, Removals, and Maintenance, ensuring your backyard becomes a haven of relaxation and fun. Installation and Removal (exclusive to pool...

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Pool Opening

Welcome the warm weather with our Pool Opening services. Our experts get your pool up and running smoothly, ensuring a summer of splashes and fun. We'll go over what we will do when opening your pool and what you must...

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Pool Cleaning

Experience the epitome of cleanliness with our Pool Cleaning services. Our meticulous team ensures your pool water sparkles, making every swim a refreshing delight. *Weekly or One time cleanings available Obtain water sample and analyze at our lab. Inspect pool...

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Pool Closing

Prepare for winter with our Pool Closing service, a seamless process that safeguards your investment, so it's ready for the next season. Trust us for worry-free pool care. Add winterizing chemicals to your pool, based on your pool's size For...

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