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Pool covers today come in a wide range of shapes, colors, and sizes and also serve a variety of functions. Just to give you a few examples, safety pool covers protect against accidental drowning when you’re not using the pool; winter pool covers protect your pool against harsh winter weather; solar pool covers help to heat your pool; and spa covers protect against drowning, harsh weather and hold in heat. Royal Pools and Spas carries all types of covers and is sure to have the right fit for your investment.


Types of Pool Covers Available at Royal Pools & Spas Stores



Coverstar Cover System

There is a wide variety of pool shapes and sizes that can be covered by an automatic safety pool cover. The Coverstar Cover System can be easily added during the pool construction process for a beautiful integrated look. A Coverstar cover system can save you up to 70% on pool heating costs. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a pool cover is the best way to reduce heat loss and save on your pool’s energy bill. Pool chemicals are lost when your pool water evaporates. By stopping the evaporative process, your pools chemicals stay in the pool where they belong, saving you up to 70% on pool chemicals. Let Royal Pools & Spas fit your pool with the right Automatic Cover. Come in to one of our locations for a free estimate.

Your Coverstar Cover System saves you money from chemical loss, heat loss, and water evaporation. And let's not forget the important sense of security your pool cover offers long after you've closed the cover and turned off the lights. Due to exposure to harsh chemicals and wide variations of environmental conditions, a pool cover needs regular maintenance and may need to be changed periodically.

Coverstar offers mesh safety covers for maximum drainage and solid safety covers that block 100% of sunlight – in a variety of material weights and colors. All can be custom designed to fit any size or shape pool precisely, including any special features such as raised walls, diving boards, stairs and rails.





Solar Reels and Solar Covers

Solar reels provide an exceptionally convenient and easy way to use and store your solar swimming pool cover. Solar reels are also lightweight and can easily be operated by a single individual. Adding a solar cover or liquid solar blanket to your pool will significantly help reduce water loss by evaporation saving you money in chemicals throughout the season. A solar cover will also help warm the pool water. Royal Pools carries a variety of solar reels for above ground and in ground swimming pools.





Insulated Hot Tub Covers

Marine-grade vinyl hot tub cover adds to the value of your spa. High-density foam hot tub covers are made for maximum heat retention. The Spa Cover locks into place forming a protective seal to keep heat in and weather out. Additionally, the spa water stays clean longer, reducing maintenance cost..





Winter Pool Covers

Pool covers not only prevent debris from contaminating your pool but they also help to protect the structure of your pool from the harsh winter conditions. Safety pool covers are especially useful for preventing drowning as they are designed to support the weight of people and animals.

Similarly, remember that not all swimming pool covers are created equally. Most pool covers come with a warranty and the better covers obviously are guaranteed for longer by the manufacturer. Carefully measure your pool so that you buy a pool cover that is the proper fit. Pool covers that are too small won’t offer the protection you need and pool covers that are too large are cumbersome and difficult to handle. Let Royal Pools and Spa fit your pool with the proper Cover. See a Royal Pools & Spas Sales Associate for more details.




Late Winter Pool Tip

Damage to your cover and pool can occur when water is displaced out of the pool and cause stress on the cover. This will also cause potential structural issues to the pool when there is snow and ice load on the cover that is already stressed. In this instance, the cable becomes too taught and the weight of the snow load can crush the top rails and result in other types of damage. Mother nature does not care how well your pool was installed. If there is not adequate water to support the weight of winter precipitation, or if other winter issues are present, then your pool can suffer damage.

If your cover has accumulated snow and ice, remove the cable from the pool so that undue pressure is not placed on the top rails and ledges.

As the weather begins to warm, DO NOT remove any snow from the pool cover! This may cause the ice mass to shift inside the pool and you could rip the liner or pool wall.

  • - Release tension on the cable.
  • - SLOWLY unwind the ratchet to release tension if the cord is very tight. Be very careful when doing this as there will be great pressure. If the cord is too tight due to a large snow load and too little water in pool (was not pumped during fall, etc.) then the cord can cause the uprights to move from the pressure.
  • - Once the water on the cover is thawed, pump the water off using a small sump pump or siphon pump.
  • - Be sure there are no holes in the cover as you will be pumping water out form the pool as well.

Keep in mind that a low water level is not necessarily cause for concern. If there are no structural issues and you cannot see an obvious hole in your liner, water may have been displaced out of the pool.

Fill your pool with water till it is raised 6″ . Monitor the water level. If it holds, continue to fill in 6 inch increments until the water is up to the proper mid-skimmer level.

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