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Pool Maintenance Equipment




Above Ground Pools



Robotic Pool Cleaners

Self-contained filtration of robotic pool cleaners eases the wear and tear on your pool pump and filter. With numerous designs, many automatic pool cleaners are programmable and/or able to be operated by remote control, making it easier to maintain a clean pool.

Pressure or Suction Pool Cleaners

If you have an above ground pool or do not need the walls vacuumed, suction or pressure pool cleaners are for you!

Salt Chlorine Generators

Now you can automatically turn ordinary salt into a self-regenerating supply of pure chlorine for your pool water. Electronic chlorination has become the simple, safe and affordable alternative to using chemically produced chlorine to sanitize your pool.


Pool Care Products


Introducing the Hayward Expert Line of Premium Hayward Products

The Hayward Expert Line is an array of premium Hayward products with features and benefits that are only available to the trade and not for sale online. These product offerings are available exclusively to brick-and-mortar dealers such as Royal Pools & Spas, builders, and servicers who can educate consumers on the product’s use and features.

The products offered through the Hayward Expert Line may change as needed to accommodate new trends and innovation, ensuring that you are able to see Hayward’s newest products first hand.
Each Hayward Expert Line product will have the following characteristics:

  • - An extra feature or technology that is different than the open-line mode.

Hayward Expert Line products may also have the following additional enhancements:

  • - Extended or longer warranties than open-line models
  • - Seasonal product-specific consumer rebates

These Hayward Expert Line Cleaners products are found on our Pressure or Suction Pool Cleaners page

  • - PoolVac V-Flex™
  • - Navigator V-Flex™
  • - V-Flex™ Upgrade Kit
  • - AquaNaut 450
  • - TriVac™ 700

These Hayward Expert Line Sanitization Products are found on our Pool Care Products page

  • - AquaRite® 900
  • - Extended Life TurboCell®
  • - HydroRite UVO3 2" (Residential Unit)
  • - HydroRite UVO3 2" and 4" (Commercial Unit)


Additional Pool Maintenance Equipment



Pool Brushes

This rugged wall brush is specially molded with rounded corners and no sharp edges. Perfect for use on concrete, fiberglass, or vinyl liner pools. Thick, nylon bristles remove the most stubborn dirt & stains and outlast cheaper plastic bristles. The wide face is reinforced with die-cast aluminum for years of use.





Pool Poles

These aluminum poles are made of high quality materials and have good strong locking mechanisms. They are lightweight and easy to use.





Vac Heads

This vac head’s unique brush pattern channels debris directly to the suction for easy removal. Heavy weights help the vaccuum hug the pool floor for optimal cleaning power. Royal Pools and Spas also carry the Hayward Deluxe Vacuum Head with 3-Brushes 1-1/4-Inch and 1-1/2-Inch Swivel Hose for In Ground and Above-Ground Pools.
These vacuum cleaning heads are molded of tough, durable thermoplastic and are engineered to handle all types and sizes of swimming pools. The 360-Degree swivel hose connector allows you to easily maneuver the vac head in the pool, while the “see thru” head lets you view the bottom while cleaning. These deluxe vac heads are the industry standard.





Pool Leaf Nets

Our Super-strong structural molded leaf skimmer is made of a sturdy plastic frame with a fine-mesh net. Its tapered front edge helps to scoop debris easily.





Pool Vac Hose

Pool service professionals everywhere use this commercial-grade vac hose. It features full flow; smooth inside walls, and an extra heavy-duty outer construction that resists concrete scuffs and tears. The swivel cuff rotates in all directions, eliminating aggravating kinks and making it easier to use.





Pool Leaf Eaters

The Leaf Bagger is a device that attaches on the end of your telescopic pole. A standard garden hose is connected to the unit, which creates a venturi effect up and into the large mesh bag attached to the top of your Leaf Bagger. As you move the Leaf Bagger over leaves and debris of all types, they are sucked up into the bag, which is easily removed for emptying. For all pool types.


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