Spring is here and as the fresh breeze the season brings begins to sweep away the remnants of winter, your thoughts may think about warmer days ahead and sitting poolside for relaxation. Fortunately, Royal Pools and Spas is here to help ensure your pool opening goes without a hitch. In this blog post, we’ll dive into a checklist of considerations to ensure a smooth transition into pool enjoyment.

Benefits of Opening Your Pool Early

The sooner you open your pool, the more likely you are to find a cleaner pool when you remove your pool cover. If you are using a mesh winter cover, sunlight is getting through, and your pool can become a breeding ground for various types of algae. If you have a solid cover, the heat is building up and algae blooms are starting as well.

 When opening your pool early, there is less chance of algae growth. This will vary depending on the condition you closed your pool. Your best chance of a clean and clear pool is to open early. 

 Spend less Money

You will use fewer chemicals to get your pool ready for summer fun if you open early.  Less algae to clear up means less money and time spent, and less frustration.

Algae is your worst offender when it comes to your water chemistry. Warmer weather means more algae, chemicals, time and money. This year, Don’t delay and get the most out of your backyard oasis. 

Luxurious swimming pool with crystal clear water, adjacent to a lounge chair under an umbrella

Leave Ample Time for Repairs

Opening your pool early also gives you a chance to assess any repairs that may be required. The cold weather, changing seasons, off-season precipitation, and wind can be hard on any pool. Be ready for all the fun and quality family time that the pool season brings. Have repairs and maintenance performed well BEFORE you want to enjoy the pool. Once mother nature brings the sun and heat, you and your family will want to jump in and enjoy. Opening your pool in April ensures that your pool will be clean and clear and you will have time to arrange for any required repairs. 

Enjoy Your Pool Longer

By opening your pool earlier this season, you can enjoy more days in your own backyard. Early opening saves time, money, and frustration. Best of all, you can have extra days enjoying your pool even before the rest of your neighborhood has removed their cover. Clean, clear, safe water that is ready to enjoy with less hassle and less money. 

Professional Tip

Reduce Algae blooms before you open. Add ALGAEBOMB 60 monthly or more, under your pool cover starting in March. In April before opening, also add POOLIFE ENZYME in the same manner.

 Book your professional service

Our professional pool services are ready to help you book your opening today.

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With our early bird specials, you will save even more money and time! Turn to the pros for this year’s pool opening! Royal Pools & Spas offers comprehensive pool opening services that will have you celebrating a beautiful New York summer in no time. We also offer Early-Bird pool opening specials, so schedule yours today to save even more on our professional services!