Everyone loves spring, but not all the chores it brings with it.

To make your spring easier, we have compiled a list of SPRING ESSENTIALS and PROFESSIONAL TIPS that will make quick work of pool opening and yard preparation.  Don’t forget your POOL SAFETY.  See https://www.phta.org/safety/public-safety/water-safety-brochures/ for more details.

PROFESSIONAL TIP:  Open your pool EARLY APRIL. Less algae will have formed.  The later you open, the more algae you will have.

PROFESSIONAL TIP:  Unless you have a drain through safety cover, DON’T panic if your pool water level is low. The water/snow/ice/debris that has collected ON TOP of your cover has displaced an equal amount from UNDER your cover. Also, you lowered your water level 12” or more at closing. Expect to refill your pool ½ way or even more. If you are still concerned, unless you see an issue, fully open your pool and then perform the bucket test. This will reveal if you really have an issue. You don’t want to chase a ghost so please first confirm there is an issue with the bucket test.

pool cleaner cleaning water in a pool

PROFESSIONAL TIP:  A high water level will allow you to vacuum your pool to waste at the time of opening. So, if you have a safety cover, leave the level high and then lower by vacuuming to waste. If you have a solid cover, raise your water level to the highest level your skimmer can handle (top of skimmer box). Then, you too will be able to vacuum to waste to remove the debris from pool floor.

PROFESSIONAL TIP: To reduce algae; add one quart of ALGAEBOMB60 under your cover every few weeks leading up to the date of your pool opening. To reduce and digest algae; Add one quart of POOLIFE ENZYME under your cover the week before opening.

PROFESSIONAL TIP: Upon opening, even a clean filter will need to be monitored. If you have any visible algae or mold, this will clog the filter up quickly, as soon as 15-30 minutes after pool start up. You will need to backwash, manually clean the filter frequently for best results. Finally, a filter aid such as Baquafloc or handful of Fiberclear in a sand filter will help quickly clarify the water.


yellow leaves near and in pool water

Remove leaves and debris from your pool cover. Use a telescopic pool and leaf net for this job.

Remove water from your pool cover. Caution should be taken as if you have even a very small hole in your cover, you can pump water from UNDER your cover. Use an electric submersible cover pump or a siphon pump to make this task a breeze. Make sure to monitor so you remove as soon as water is mostly removed.

Add water to at least mid-skimmer, under your cover. Plug your skimmer and return so you don’t inadvertently lose the water you just added!

Cut back any trees or branches that overhang your pool.

Trim back all bushes/shrubs that obstruct equipment access or are a hazard especially to heaters.

Pool Opening Day

pool chemicals next to a pool

On the day of pool opening, be sure to have the following handy;

Filter media:

  • For Diatomaceous Earth filters, Add fresh DE to a clean filter.
  • For Sand filters, change sand at least every other year. Chemically clean.
  • For cartridge filters, clean your filter before start up and have a back up on hand.

Algae Erase Treatment: This specially formulated treatment quickly clears up your pool for optimal results. Stop by our stores today for details and pick yours up.

Equipment:  Vacuum hose, vacuum head, telescopic pole, leaf net, and brush attachments. You will need these to thoroughly brush the walls, vacuum the debris and floor, and scoop leaves and unwanted debris.

Once your pool has circulated for 24 continuous hours, bring a water sample in to our labs in a clean container.  We will then instruct you on next steps to pool enjoyment.

Make Pool Opening a Breeze With Royal Pools & Spas

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