The day you open your pool has finally come! You’ve done your swimsuit shopping, have plenty of sunscreen stocked, and made enough lemonade to keep the whole family quenched for hours. But even if you’re ready for the first swim of the season, is your pool ready? The weather often remains unpredictable in the northeast and as a pool owner now is the time to gear up for the season.

Open Early

Open your pool early in the season – the sooner, the better! By opening early, you ensure that your pool is ready for enjoyment as soon as the weather warms up. Avoid leaving your pool cover on to increase the temperature of the water. Leaving a cover on while the temperatures warm up is a recipe for algae.

opened pool surrounded by a fence

Water Level

The water/snow/ice/debris that has collected ON TOP of your cover has displaced an equal amount from UNDER your cover. Also, you lowered your water level to 12” or more at closing. Expect to refill your pool ½ way or even more. If you are still concerned, fully open your pool, and then perform the bucket test. This will reveal if you really have an issue. You don’t want to chase a ghost so please first confirm there is an issue with the bucket test.

Test After Pumping

testing pool water with test strips

Every pool owner should professionally test their pool water after the pump has filtered for 24 hours. This opening test confirms that the pool’s Alkalinity pH and Calcium levels are in range, and the water is in the safest condition to swim. Once your pool has circulated for 24 continuous hours, bring a water sample into our labs in a clean container. We will then instruct you on the next steps to pool enjoyment.

 Maintain Your Sparkling Water

Enjoy ALL the benefits of our Customer Loyalty Program and let us take the guesswork. Purchase your season supply of pool chemicals and SAVE BIG plus an algae FREE guarantee! We have created this program just for you! Bring your water sample in and speak to our trained lab techs and we will create a season supply based on your needs.

 Leave the lifting to Us

Whether you’re gearing up for opening day or you’re knee-deep in the season, Royal Pools & Spas will do the work for you. Call the service department directly 845-374-1133.


To reduce algae; Add one quart of ALGAEBOMB 60 under your cover every few weeks leading up to the date of your pool opening. To reduce and digest algae; Add one quart of POOLIFE ENZYME under your cover the week before opening.


cleaning water debris in pool

Leave the water level high. A high water level will allow you to vacuum your pool to waste at the time of opening. So, if you have a safety cover, leave the level high and then lower it by vacuuming to waste. If you have a solid cover, raise your water level to the highest level your skimmer can handle (top of skimmer box). Then, you too will be able to vacuum to waste to remove the debris from pool floor.


Even a clean filter will need to be monitored. If you have any visible algae or mold, this will clog the filter up quickly, even as soon as 15-30 minutes after pool start up. For best results, you will need to backwash and manually clean the filter frequently. Finally, a filter aid such as Baquafloc or handful of Fiberclear in a sand filter will help quickly clarify the water.


  1. For complete safety advice and guidance, see the following link.
  2. Ensure that electrical connections comply with code and do not have any frayed wires. Make sure your electrical bonding/grounding are up to date to National Electric Code. You can do this by contacting your electrician.
  3. Make sure to use layers of protection, supervision, gates, alarms, swim lessons. See for more details.
  4. Ensure that your pool barriers, fence, railing, gates and access points like ladders/steps comply with code and are safe. 
  5. Test your code compliant pool alarm.  Ensuring it is safe and ready to use provides a layer of safety that is essential to pool ownership and use.
  6. Get swimming lessons before the pool season is here. Your local YMCA is a great resource for this important aspect of safe pool fun.
  7. Never swim in an unsupervised pool.  Even seasoned swimmers can have an accident. DON’T SWIM ALONE and NEVER under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 
  8. Never use a pool that is not clean, clear, and tested for water balancing and sanitizing levels. If unsure, do not enter the pool.
  9. Do not dive or jump into a pool unless the pool is specifically designed for this purpose. Rather, enter through a compliant ladder or step.