The winter chill is settling in, but it’s the perfect time to discover the year-round benefits of swim spas—the pool for all seasons! While traditional pools often hibernate during the colder months, swim spas can remain open this time of year. In this blog post, we’ll explore swim spas and how they offer unique opportunities for you to enjoy even when it’s frosty outside. 

Benefits of Swim spas

Many people dream of owning their own pool. They imagine themselves entertaining around the pool, exercising in it, and watching their family and friends make memories in it. While there are a number of benefits to owning a pool, you may not have the space for one or may live in a climate where you can’t keep it open all year round.

Swim spas are compact. SwimLife™ models range from 12 feet to 19 feet, giving those with smaller yards a pool option. They’re also easier to install than pools. Swim spas can often be delivered and installed in less than a day and don’t require building permits. 

As far as cost, swim spas have a lower upfront cost than inground pools and since they’re equipped with high-quality insulation, they cost less to run.

For added versatility, swim spas can be installed inground or above ground or they can be installed in a basement for example.

Hydrotherapy from the Comfort of Home

Hydrotherapy and aquatic exercise offers several benefits. The water’s natural resistance provides a challenging low-impact workout. Warm water helps relax the muscles, promoting better blood flow to the joints and muscles, and improving your range of motion. Want to enhance your workout? There are rowing kits and tether systems available so you’re not limited to a singular exercise. But, consistency is key for a successful exercise routine. This is where having your own at-home pool, available year-round comes into play. 

All Season Fun

kids is having fun with their father in a swim spa in winter

The holiday season is a time for joy and togetherness, and it often brings family and friends together for gatherings and celebrations. When those loved ones come over, it’s always great to have activities that can bring everyone closer. A swim spa is a great way to entertain during this festive season. Whether it’s enjoying a relaxing soak or playing swimming games, a swim spa provides an inviting and enjoyable space for everyone.

Swim Spas Double as a Hot Tub

One of the most surprising features of swim spas is that it doubles as a hot tub. Most swim spas reach a peak temperature of 104° Fahrenheit—which is the maximum recommended temperature for soaking in a hot tub. Imagine how magical it could be soaking in warm water while light snow falls on your head. 

Woman is soaking in a swim spa in a snowy backyard, enjoying her morning coffee

Escape the Winter Blues

Winter time can bring down the spirits of many people. The shortened days can also disrupt your body’s natural sleep patterns and change your levels of melatonin. Hydrotherapy has been shown as an effective way to help alleviate winter stressors, including cabin fever and holiday stress.


Swim spas are a great aquatic solution for all seasons. Whether it’s the heat of summer, the crispness of fall, the frosty days of winter, or the blooming days of spring, swim spas offer year-round enjoyment, exercise, and relaxation. If you’re in the market for a swim spa, let us help! We offer a variety of SwimLife™ swim spas sure to meet your budget and lifestyle! You can even test one out for yourself!