It doesn’t take much for your pool to become the part of your home that your whole family loves the most. But by adding certain features and incorporating a few key ideas, you can transform your backyard pool into your family’s own personal oasis. 

Take a look at these easy tips and tricks for creating the perfect backyard pool escape.

Go for the Steps

A simple ladder is enough for many pool owners, but there are several advantages to going with some steps instead. 

On top of being an attractive aesthetic choice, steps are a safer means of pool entry for young children who are just learning how to swim. Steps can serve as a great place for parents to help their little ones get acclimated to the water safely.


And pool steps offer another feature that ladders cannot: a comfortable place to sit. Lounging in the pool can become even more relaxing when you’ve got a place to kick back while still enjoying the water.

Add a Ledge

Incorporating a sitting ledge into your pool offers many of the same advantages that pool steps do, with the added advantage of a ledge’s ability to wrap around the entirety of your pool. 

A ledge can also provide an even better spot for children to get used to being in the water without having to swim. Add one to the deep end of your pool to provide a safe spot for any swimmer to retreat to whenever they need.

Consider Your Patio

It’s not just the pool itself that can turn your backyard into an oasis. You’ll want to think carefully about the patio you surround your pool with. 

Pavers or textured concrete are popular choices, and tiles can be beautiful, too. In the end, this aspect of pool design comes mostly down to your personal preference and budget, so make sure to get creative with it.

Once you’ve got your patio ready to go, you’ll also want to consider bringing in some furniture. Lounge chairs, tables, and other additions can not only add some comfort and convenience to your pool area, but they can also help to make it even more attractive.

Beautify the Landscape

Another important aspect of pool design is the landscaping you choose to place around the pool. 

There are a myriad of ways you can elevate your pool area through careful landscaping choices. For example, you can add plants and flowers to make the environment more lush and vibrant, create a rock garden to reduce visual clutter, or add decorations and ornaments to make the area more interesting and personal.  

home swimming pool with a beautiful landscape view

Another great aspect of adding landscaping to your pool area is that it’s an attractive, natural-looking way to create more privacy. Just add some plants or hedges around the perimeter, and you’ll have the place all to yourself.

Add Some Fun Features

Swimming in your pool can be a pleasant enough experience all its own, but there are many ways to add to the fun. If you have a deep enough pool, both slides and diving boards can add a bit of excitement, particularly in the eyes of any younger swimmers.

However, there are undoubtedly safety concerns surrounding these fun additions to your pool. You’ll want to consider those carefully before deciding to add them. And if you do choose to incorporate them, make sure that all swimmers know the rules involved with using them.

Consider Pool Toys

There are many different kinds of pool toys you can add to your backyard paradise, and not all of them are strictly for children. Noodles, basketball hoops, swimming kickboards, inflatables, and pool floats are all great ways to bring in some entertainment for swimmers of all ages.

colorful plastic toys in an above ground pool

An important factor to consider when it comes to pool toys is how you plan on storing them. If they don’t have a place to go, they can quickly become dirty and worn out, not to mention an eyesore. Make sure that you can allocate an area for adequate storage for your pool toys.

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