A hot tub is an excellent investment for your health and home. And if you want to protect that investment, you’ll want to ensure you have a quality hot tub cover that’s well-maintained. Hot tub covers not only keep your hot tub heated, but they also protect your hot tub from the elements and debris.

Need help determining if your hot tub cover needs replacing? These indicators should help!

Signs Your Hot Tub Cover Needs Replacing

Hot tub covers are designed to last for around five to six years, but like with any object, over time it will begin to show signs of wear and tear. You’ll want to replace your hot tub cover if you experience any of the following:

Rips, Tears, or Cracks

Hot tubs are exposed to the sun so they may tear, fade, or crack over time. Inspect your hot tub cover and look for brittle areas, tears, or rips.

backyard hot tub with a wooden deck and patio furniture


In addition to being unsightly, a saggy hot tub cover can also cause damage. Consider the weight of rainfall or snow on the hot tub cover. This can eventually break the cover, causing the seal to become loose, and allowing heat to escape. 


Have mold on your hot tub cover or mildew odor? These are sure signs there is bacteria growing. Clean the exterior of your hot tub cover and if the odor persists, the cause may be within the hot tub cover and no amount of cleaning will cure this. Having mold on the inside of your hot tub cover can cause the rest of your hot tub to deteriorate quicker and it poses a health risk to your family. You’ll want to replace your hot tub cover if mold is involved.

Maintain Your Hot Tub Cover

To keep your hot tub cover in tip-top shape and doing its job effectively, clean it periodically. Use a cleaner formulated specifically for hot tub covers and apply a UV vinyl protector about every three to four months. If you experience harsh winters, be sure to gently remove snow and ice off your hot tub cover so it doesn’t deteriorate, stretch, or sag. 

hot tub with opened cover and working jets

Also, anytime you treat or clean your hot tub, leave the hot tub cover off for about 30 minutes afterward to allow chemicals to mix properly. Covering your hot tub immediately after treating it can sometimes trap vapors that may impact your cover.

Hot Tub Covers in New York

We hope you have found these indicators helpful in determining if you need a new hot tub cover. If you do need a new hot tub cover, Royal Pools & Spas is here for you. In addition to providing quality hot tubs and swim spas in New York, we have hot tub covers, chemicals, and accessories you need to fully enjoy your hot tub. Give us a call or visit our showroom today if you have any questions about maintaining your hot tub! We’d love to help!